ABA Therapy Clinics in Plano, Frisco, & Fort Worth.

Your Family deserves the highest-quality ABA therapy – we agree!  That’s why we offer Dallas-Fort Worth’s best Autism Therapy & top credentialed ABA Therapists — for real hope & long term success! Tell us about your child or family on the form below. Or call our New Client Phone Line shown above for live 24/7 response.

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If you do not have an existing autism diagnosis in hand, we have first diagnosis appointments available in the next three weeks – so you do NOT wait months to begin ABA Therapy! Contact us now for rapid qualification & priority service.

General Inquiry – How Can We Help You?

In Home Therapy

We are happy to provide in home support – we offer exceptional, individualized treatment plans delivered by our highly trained therapists. We offer a range of plans from comprehensive (26-40 hours per week) to more focused (4-25 hours per week). We have extensive experience with all age groups and levels of need. Our collaborative spirit helps us develop unique and effective treatments.

Community Therapy

In keeping with our holistic approach, we expand our therapy past the home and classroom and into the unpredictability of the real world. To aid in generalization and safety we implement treatment in the community that focuses on awareness and appropriate behavior with strangers, appropriate manners and etiquette, and independence. Going beyond the home and classroom is our difference.

Inclusion Support & Shadowing

We know that integration is key for school preparedness. In order to start down this path, we are now offering behavior support in fully integrated environments. To achieve success, we utilize shadows to facilitate social interactions and work on targeted behavioral goals. We also have trained shadows who are available to offer support at your preferred private school or daycare.

Many Locations to Serve You

We have partnered with over 20 schools in Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington and the Greater Houston Area and are still growing! Please call for a list of available schools or to see if we can add your school today!

Center Based

We offer 1:1 ABA/VB therapy and small group programs in our centers. Treatment plans are created based on the needs of each individual and adjusted as those needs change. We focus on language and conversational skills, hands on learning in the natural environment, development of play and leisure skills, remediation of socially inappropriate behaviors.

Adolescent & Adult Services

The onset of adolescence often brings about changes in maturity, behavior, and cognition. This can be a time of re-evaluation needs and goals. We offer support to teenagers and adults on the spectrum, at home, at school, in the community and residential settings. We strive to foster independence, self advocacy, and relationships with peers.

Concept Connections helps DFW families overcome autism and developmental/social challenges.  Based in North Texas, our leadership knows first-hand the daily challenges you face.  Choose from three ABA Therapy clinics in Plano, Frisco, & Fort Worth – or convenient in-home services. Whether you have a new diagnosis or are experienced & looking for a better option, try our  free consultation to see the difference our ABA Therapy Experts can make.  Tell us your needs on the form below.  OR call our New Client Line 24/7 at 844-4DFW-ABA.  Let’s get started together!

My favorite part of my work is personally getting to know each client and family, being a part of a passionate and dedicated team of a people, and helping others to lead more meaningful, fulfilling lives. I am passionate about the field of autism and A.S.D. is personal to me with three family members on the spectrum.

Jenny Keese – Founder & Chief Clinical Officer